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If you suffer from a sore lower back, aching shoulders or knee pain on long rides.


If your performance has reached a plateau that you cannot break out of.


Or if you want to be able to ride faster for longer.



 Then  you need to try gym based strength training.


Keep reading to find out how you can get a FREE

inside look at this exclusive training plan

Many cyclists avoid gym training due to the fears of bulking up, losing aerobic fitness or not knowing the best thing to be doing in the gym.


These fears are completely unfounded as turning yourself into a hulked up body builder takes a lot of a specific type of lifting and many hours in the gym. Research shows that well planned strength training can be extremely beneficial for cyclists.


While some cyclists dabble in a bit of core work or use the gym only as a last alternative if the weather is to bad to ride the results that get from this are normally limited or result in injury largely due to two reasons.


1) They have been doing the same low weight, high rep exercises over and over again (often for years) and the body no longer responds to it.


2) The training they do in the gym does not complement their on the bike training phases which more often than not leads to a decrease in on the bike performance or injury. 


Strength training can improve cycling performance in two ways, directly and indirectly.


A direct performance improvement is a result of improving the muscles contractile properties and neural activation resulting in a more forceful contraction.


An indirect performance improvement occurs from adaptations such as improved posture, core stabilisation and ligament strength making athletes more structurally 'robust'. This results in cyclists being able to undergo higher training loads on the bike without structurally breaking down, being uncomfortable or becoming injured.


Ideally cyclists need both of these aspects in their training plan to maximise their performance. The things cyclists often struggle with is how to combine these different types of training into their programme so it does not negatively impact their on the bike performance.


Strength Training for Cyclists integrates both the research proven indirect and direct performance models into a systematic and easy to follow plan so you can maximise your cycling no matter if you are just starting or have been riding for years. 

Strength Training for Cyclists is a cross between an e-book and a training plan.


It has got all of the important back ground information required for riders to understand and implement their training without being weighed down with unnecessary information. It also includes high quality training plans and exercise descriptions that will allow athletes to put the theory into practice.



In Strength Training for Cyclists you will learn


- Exactly what you need to do in the gym to improve your cycling performance using 6 cycling specific strength training plans.


- How to maximise your cycling performance using well structured strength training that complements your on the bike training phases.


- Correct technique to maximise your performance and minimise the risk of injury through detailed exercise descriptions and over 65 exercise demonstration photos.



Download your FREE inside look at

Strength Training for Cyclists below.


I found the strength programmes from Matty at Exponential Performance Coaching to be really benificial and complementary to my goals on the bike. I gained significant core strength which helped with overall stability on the bike. The exercises were all tailored to be specific to cycling and my weaknesses there. The programmes were designed well with detailed instructions, lots of variety and weekly progression included.


Brad Evans

Working in the gym over the winter has been very specific to help strengthen the weak areas and work to build on the rest.  A bonus for my dedicated gym sessions over winter has been to become pain free from a niggly permanent injury I have had for  20 years. Since everything is taken into  consideration for your training the most important benefits to me have been  improved riding, increase in overall strength, the want for more gains and more knowledge and most importantly I’ve found cycling more enjoyable.


Glenda Bruce 

Because Strength Training for Cyclists is a 100% digital product


- You are saving the plant at the same time you are improving your performance.


- There is no waiting for postage. As soon as you download it you can get started.


- You can take it to the gym on your choice of electronic device to make sure your technique is spot on.


- If you still like the feel of paper in your hands or you what to keep track of your sets and reps by hand, then you can decide to print off the pages that you need.

Purchase Strength Training for Cyclists today and also recieve a

FREE copy of the Top Secret Indoor Cycle Training Files.

The normal value of the Top Secret Indoor Cycle Training File is $35


It includes

- 10 specific indoor training sessions targeting different aspects of fitness and technique.


- Indoor training tips to help make your training sessions more effective.


- Testing guidelines so you can calculate personalised heart rate training zones for accurate and efficient training.


- Practical tips to help you develop an Iron Mind so you can push harder and race faster.

If you were to get the information, training sessions and tips outlined in this e-plan through personalised sessions with Matty through Exponential Performance Coaching the cost would be in excess of $1000.


However, you can get all of this for only $55 NZD


Once you click on the link below you will be taken to the Gumroad website.

There you will be able to purchase Strength Training for Cyclists using a secure credit card payment system.

Then your copy of Strength Training for Cyclists and your FREE copy of the Top Secret Indoor Cycle Training File will be emailed to you ready for instant download.

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