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In this Episode 

- Interview with Scott Weatherall

  • The Coast to Coast had always been a dream for me and I only ever thought is was a dream.

  • A goal that is not written down is just a dream.

  • The Ironman and Coast to Coast are two quite different events but they complement each other quite well.

  • They both have different but awesome people around them. The people really make the events.

  • Day to day I work for St John's as a Paramedic . With the jobs we go to about 1/3 of them are to do with mental health of normal people just like you and me. This is how I got involved in the mental health thing.

  • It is all about normalising mental health in day to day conversation, taking away the sigma around it.

  • In my role in the ambulance I can only do so much, so the I am Hope work is about backing the ambulance up and trying to do something before I am needed as a paramedic.

  • Sharing your mistakes with your kids is a way of showing them that making mistakes are ok and it is about learning.

  • Exercise is a great time to process work/life stress

  • Set some cool goals and get out there and chase them.

  • Taking time to appreciate what I have got is key.

  • What are you going to think about when you are on the bike for 8 hours? I hadn't thought about that.

  • Check in with your friends and work mates on a regular basis.

  • Appreciate the positive people around you. If you don't have positive people around you then it is time to find some.

  • It is all about a bit of balance.

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