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Eat Your Way To The Podium 

Endurance Sport Nutrition Guide


There is a mindset among many endurance athletes of

'I can eat anything I want, because I will just burn it off in training'

While this is true (you will likely burn it off), the reason you need to pay attention to your nutrition is not so you don't 'get fat'.

Nutrition is key for providing your body with the right 'ingredients' that it needs to:

  • Function as a normal human being

  • Perform the required training

  • Repair and adapt to the training that you are doing

  • Maximise your performance on race day

For those who are juggling training with a busy work, family and social life their nutrition often becomes the last thing on their mind and the first thing to go.


Because of this their hard earned training benefits suffer as without adequate nutrition the human body is unable to adapt to its fullest.


It is understandable that you may not have enough time or extra money to invest in seeing a nutritionist or you maybe worried about how much time good nutrition is going to add to your already busy schedule.


To solve these problems Exponential Performance Coaching Nutrition Consultant Whitney Dagg has put together a practical user friendly nutrition e-book.



Download your FREE 8 page preview below


At 27 pages long, this e-book has all of the key information that you need to know without needing to set aside a week to read it all or get a science degree to understand it.



















This E-Book includes

  • Day to day nutrition

  • What you need to eat before, during and after training

  • Race day nutrition requirements and ideas

  • Hydration tips

  • Tips to help gastro intestinal problems

  • How to maintain body weight

  • How to lose body fat

  • 24 practical recipes for day to day nutrition

  • Are supplements needed?





At only $25

this is one of the most cost effective ways to improve your performance









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