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Ordinary people doing extraordinary things!


Every day I am so grateful that I get to help such inspiring and motivated people from all walks of life

towards their often outrageously big goals.


Now its your chance to meet some of them.

Brad Evans

Dunedin, NZ

"I like how specific my training is so I can plan my life better. Matty always has top notch communication being able to change plans if needed. Growing up racing through the grades and being in the national team I've always had good tactical understanding and believe in the holistic approach which EPC follows. The biggest thing for me has been getting more scientific, including analysing my power files, and really maximising every training session and not just doing kilometres which is traditional in cycling."

Oli Donoghue

Prague, Czech Republic

"Matty took into account the seasonal difference well and I managed to avoid long endurance sessions in dangerously freezing conditions. It is certainly not a  template training program that you are paying for.


My sessions changed depending on my previous performance or simply because of commitments (work, family etc) meaning that I wasn't able to complete it to the letter. The Coast to Coast was a big commitment but with EPC guiding me to get the most out of the spare time I actually had I am able to say that I did everything I possibly could have."

Peter Jackson

Dunedin, NZ

"The knowledge & scientific approach EPC brings to training just makes it so much easier and gives me the confidence to do events and know I will finish. Maybe not in the top group but certainly I will finish well."

Tom Bradshaw

Dunedin, NZ

"I really enjoy the research based training that is specifically tailored to not only the demands of XC mountain biking but more importantly the demands of me personally as a rider. It is also inspiring to see how other EPC athletes in a whole range of different sports are achieving so highly, and this makes me work harder!"

Jan McClleland

Dunedin, NZ

 “I like the scientific evidence based approach. I know that I’m not just doing something because it sounds like a good idea, but because the science proves it is.  And I like that when I constantly ask why my coach is able to give me the answer.”

Bruce Ranga

Dunedin, NZ

“When I signed up for the Coast to Coast I had never been in a kayak, on a road bike, or run further than 10kms in my life, so I knew expert training & advice was going to be key in helping me reach my goal, that’s where EPC came in.“I really enjoy training with EPC. I have met some great people & improved my sports performance, bring on the next challenge.”

Harriet Miller

Rotorua, NZ

"EPC has enabled me take a more formal and structured approach to training. Over the past 6 months I have been training smarter and harder and have seen a corresponding improvement in my cycling. Knowing I have trained properly has also given me way more confidence leading into races. EPC are fantastic at developing programmes that allow a significant degree of flexibility with regards to work/study, and thus I have been able to fit training around my clinical placements."

Willy Sams

Wanaka, NZ

"EPC has taken me to another level as an athlete. I wouldn’t have achieved what I have without the guidance and scientific backing of EPC. It has developed my understanding of how to achieve in this sport and what is required in terms of prep, recovery and nutrition. The results of being on an EPC program have been obvious and is the best thing I could have done!"

Rei Ishikawa

Dunedin, NZ

"There are two main things that I have enjoyed about getting EPC’s help with my training. Firstly, the focused, effective and flexible training programme has been the reason I’ve been able to fit in the training and actually see the improvement. Secondly, the learning and support Matty provides."

"Admittedly, I was a bit intimidated thinking that this sort of thing was only for high performance athletes, but now I’m looking forward to signing up for the next event, planning, training and learning."

Hilary Lennox

Dunedin, NZ

"I really enjoy the great wealth of knowledge provided by EPC staff and the various services offered. Regular communication and comprehensive responses to my sometimes pretty dumb questions and freak-out moments have kept me focussed and determined. I’ve definitely been bitten by the cycling bug!!! I also really enjoy the training philosophy of “quality not quantity” as this works best with my busy lifestyle and makes more sense to me!"

Milan Brodina

Geraldine, NZ

"Matty has been my coach for the last four years. We have also raced together few times so he knows me well which is important to me. I can call Matty when I need motivation to go out biking in rain or kayaking in strong winds. Matty is keeping up with the latest research on training so the training sessions are often different and I don’t get bored. It has been very good journey with EPC."

Kate Spenceley

Dunedin, NZ

"I could go on about the science, the flexibility, the communication and that Matty’s programmes really work (consistency and recovery. Blah, blah, blah) but what I truly appreciate is Matty’s generosity, humour, patience and little sideways comments that make me laugh hours later. I love it that he puts up with my cussing and tells me ‘NICE’ when I say I’ve struggled through a training session. Matty and his team rock."

Karl Buchanan

Dunedin, NZ

"In the past ‘training’ would have consisted of going out as hard as I could for every session. So working with EPC to build towards a goal was a huge difference. Certainly the advice from Matty and Whitney was invaluable last year for the Kepler and it clearly showed where I had been going wrong in the past."

"Matty is always contactable, positive and organizes my training programmes around other things such as work, family or being out of town. Using Training Peaks is easy to follow and helps me keep a record of your training to see your progress, and what is coming up. The structure and guidance from Matty’s coaching and programmes gives you the confidence that you have done the maximum to give the best results."

Kirk Pritchard

Alexandra, NZ

"Having never done a race longer than about 5 hours, I contact Matty with the lofty goal of finishing the Coast to Coast Longest Day. With his guidance, I went from a newbie to finishing what most people describe as the toughest one day race in the world. His scientific approach really suited me and with my erratic shift work schedule he was able to tailor a training program around this to get the most out of the time I had available. I also find the use of Training Peaks a great way to interact between coach and athlete. With this I am able to analyse all my previous workouts and seeing the full training program in the calendar is a real help."

Hamish Flemming

Wanaka, NZ

"EPC coaching has lifted my performances to a new level. It’s great to have a clear structure and guidance in my training. In the past I tended to do too much and then burn out, so consistency was a real issue. Now I can feel confident that the training I am doing is the right training, which takes the doubt out of it and in turn makes it even more enjoyable! Loving it!"

Janey Johnston

Wanaka, NZ

“I have just finished 5 weekly MTB skill sessions Exponential Performance Coaching. I am really impressed with their work & what they did to improve my riding. I am participating in the Masters in MTB & Cycling primarily for fun and now feel much more confident leading into the race. I want to pass on to all my high praise & recommendation for Exponential Performance Coaching.”

Pete Smallfield

Wanaka, NZ

"EPC has a great environment that has helped develop me as an athlete. The scientific based personalised training methods used ensure that I am getting quality advice and coaching based on my personal abilities and goals.

Working with EPC has also been a great way for me to meet other athletes and make many new friendships."

Emily Wilson

Wanaka, NZ

"I really like the scientific approach to coaching that EPC is all about and knowing that I am maximising the little time I have available to train."

Reta Trotman

Dunedin, NZ

“I have come to realise the importance of periodisation, prioritising races and recovery! Had I not had an EPC program I have no doubt I would still be setting goals of 'race completion' and 'stick with the bunch'....but with EPCs guidance riding off the front is no longer a figment of my imagination!"

Jan Taylor

Invercargill, NZ

"Working with Matty and EPC has provided me with the guidance and support that I have not had before. It has been like having a weight taken off my shoulders as I now have someone providing me with a running programme that I have not had before. Previously I was just doing the same things every week but not sure if I was doing too much or not enough training. Even though I live in Southland through using Training Peaks I feel as if I have regular contact with Matty and access to my training programme at all times."

Guy Carter

Dunedin, NZ

“EPC has allowed me to go far beyond what I expected to achieve in the 12 months I have been competing in triathlon.

The programs are individually made to fit and are constantly updated depending on how I’m feeling, what events I’m doing and the time I have available. This has enabled me to stay injury free and in peak condition for all races I have competed in.

EPC is not just a program, it’s coaching, mentoring, fitness testing, nutrition, race tactics with a science based approach.”

Glenda Bruce

Dunedin NZ

"I have been riding for almost 10 years and during that time I had thought about  getting some cycling coaching but then always dismissed it thinking I would never be able to fit it all in with work, family and all the other things I like doing. After hearing about EPC and how it works to really utilize each session to make it count, rather than riding for hours and hours each week I got Matty to sort out a programme for me."


"My training programmes are designed for me to get the most out of my week time wise and each session targets training relevant to my specific upcoming events. Since everything is taken into  consideration for your training the most important benefits to me have been  improved riding, increase in overall strength, better eating habits, the want for more gains and more knowledge and most importantly I’ve found cycling more enjoyable."


"I have also received help from Whitney and my eating habits have improved heaps and my daily diet is going down a better road than it was before.   I now know what I need to be eating every day, why I need it and when I need it."

Ryan Shanks

Dunedin, NZ

"EPC has been invaluable to me since my coach and I started working with Matty in October 2012. Monitoring my training and seeing the feedback has allowed me to reach my maximum potential for this last training block. Knowing that the training you are doing is the best it possibly can be and seeing your progress is fantastic."

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