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Matty Graham

My name is Matty Graham, I live in Wanaka, NZ with my wife Lily and two daughters Elsie and Merritt.

I have a passion for endurance sport and helping others achieve their goals.

Back Ground

In 2009 I established Exponential Performance Coaching with the aim of providing effective cutting edge training support to help athletes of all levels to perform at their peak and achieve their goals.


I did this because I feel the scientific based training approach is lacking in many other coaching services.

There are many coaches who solely base their coaching on their past experiences in sport or on traditional training approaches. While this is not 'wrong' I feel there is a 'smarter' way to train and race.


I studied for six years at the School of Physical Education at the University of Otago majoring in sport science and then I completed a master’s degree in Physical Education, specifically focusing on exercise physiology and how blood volume is regulated in responses to endurance and repeat high-intensity training (read about it here).


Following this I conducted a 2 year internship with Sport and Exercise Science New Zealand (SESNZ) in applied exercise physiology. I follow the SESNZ code of ethics in all of my coaching/ consulting practices to ensure safe and effective services.



Along with my education I have nine years of experience working with many different individuals in achieving their sporting goals.


This includes working with beginners to elite athletes in the areas of multisport, triathlon, adventure racing, road cycling, mountain biking, white water kayaking, flat water kayak racing, mountain and road running.


I have also worked with martial arts competitors, modern dancers, rugby, netball and basket ball players in developing specific gym based conditioning programmes.


More recently I have worked as a sport science consultant for BikeNZ with the NZ elite track cycling programme, strength and conditioning coach for Otago hockey under 21 and NHL hockey teams. Along with this I have had had the privilege to help shape the future generation with 5 years of lab teaching at the School of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science.


Alongside my work with Exponential Performance Coaching I am currently a High Performance Sport NZ Approved Strength and Conditioning Contractor working with the Paralympic Snow Sports programme .

Racing Experience

Further to my education I have ten years of competing in endurance sports. 


This unique combination of high level sport science education and practical experience allows me to provide all individuals with personalised cutting edge training advice and guidance no matter what their level, no matter what their sport.


To see what I have been up to check out my personal training and racing blog.





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