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Personalised Training Programmes




These long term training commitments are not designed to lock you into an unbreakable contract that you have to sign your life over to or to keep you training flat out all year without time to breathe.

They are more a mutual commitment towards your goals so you can realise your full potential.


  • Can I take time off during the long term training programmes?

    • Each 12 or 6 month training period I want to give you 4 weeks (for 12 month sign up) or 2 weeks (for 6 month sign up) where you can decide to step back from your training programme if needed or wanted.

    • During this time you will pay a half price retainer fee that will guarantee that your personlised coaching spot will be available when you return.

    • These 'annual leave' weeks can be taken as a block or throughout the programme when things crop up.


  • What if you get injured/ sick?

    • If you get sick or injured over this time I will be right next to you helping you maximise your recovery.

    • Rather than just packing a sad and giving up on yourself when the going gets tough I want to help you maximise your rehab and health so you can get back on deck ASAP.

    • During times of injury or sickness I tend to be busier than normal with extra communication, programme adjustments and providing specific rehab sessions to help athletes get back to full steam. But do not worry I will not charge you more if you are sick or injured for this extra work, all of this is included in your monthly fee.

    • If however, there is not much I can help you with over this time and it is just a case of needing some rest or special treatment then you can use some your annual leave weeks during this time.


  • What about time off after races?

    • Decreases in training load following a race or event is crucial for you to recover from the rigors of racing. This is normally 1-2 weeks depending on the race and how you recover. I will help you plan this and make sure it is the best option for you. 

    • During this time you may have complete rest and/or active recovery sessions. Along with this, over this time we will debrief your race and use the key learning points to improve your next performance. All of which is included in your monthly fee.


  • Do I get an off season?

    • An off season, where you step back from structured training, is critical for long term performance, freshness and life in general. This will be integrated into your personlised training programme at the best time for you and I will guide you through different options so you can maximise your off season. If you do not wish to receive any support over this time then you can use some of your 'annual leave' instead.


  • Can I cancel the training programme?

    • If for whatever reason you want to cancel your training programme you are more than welcome to at any stage.

    • There is a cancellation fee equal to the cost of 1 months training on the respective training programme you are on from the date you cancel.


If you have any more questions about the personalised training programme options please contact me by clicking below.



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