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For those riders who are ready to take their performance up a few levels this winter

Indoor cycle training is a highly efficient way to train as well as being a safer and often more comfortable alternative to training outdoors during the cold, wet and dark winter months.


The winter phase of your training should be focused on developing your base aerobic endurance. Traditionally this was done via long slow distance training which is not often practical for busy athletes balancing work and family commitments.

Recent research indicates that many of the cardiovascular and metabolic adaptations associated with improved aerobic function can be obtained from short duration, high intensity training (i.e. you can get the same benefits from shorter harder sessions).


Pedalling efficiency is important to maximise the transfer of your energy from your lower body into your pedals and finally into forward momentum.


For this development to occur the neuromuscular pathways from the brain to the muscles need to improve so the correct muscles are fired in the correct sequence over and over again. Winter is the ideal time to give your pedalling technique a revamp on the wind trainer.


Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Matty Graham has compiled an exclusive file that includes a combination of research based and results proven training sessions.


Using a combination of time efficient high intensity training, padelling technique development and other specific endurance focused interval sets you will come out of winter with the best base possible to launch your summer training off. 


Download your FREE inside look below


The Top Secret Training File includes
  • 10 specific indoor training sessions targeting different aspects of fitness and technique

  • Indoor training tips to help make your training sessions more effective

  • Testing guidelines so you can calculate personalised heart rate training zones for accurate and efficient training

  • Practical tips to help you develop an Iron Mind so you can push harder and race faster


Tom Bradshaw

"As a mountain biker I use to frown upon the idea of riding my bike inside when I could be out playing in the mud. However in my build up for international World Cup races, Matty has shown me that effective and efficient indoor trainer sessions can produce the results I am after and be enjoyable at the same time. We have used indoor training sessions for heat simulation, specific training zone targeting and efficient sessions when other aspects such as work and study impact on riding time. Currently I am developing my base endurance through the use of the effective Top Secret sessions as I recover from major surgery so I can be back to my top race fitness as soon as possible."



Rachel Sime

“I used Exponential Performance Coaching indoor cycling sessions for my 2013/2014 track cycling season.  I was coming back to training after a serious road cycling accident and needed the specific strengthening that wind training can give – I also needed to get fit very fast as I came into the season relatively late.  I had a major back injury as well as other weaknesses and injuries over my body from the crash and this programme helped me to both regain my aerobic fitness and my strength quickly.  One of the biggest gains was the re-balancing of my body – important for any cyclist. 

I was also limited in that I had three young children at home with me so I couldn’t get out on the road to train.  Being able to jump on the bike and train when it suited best fitting in around my family and also when my body was at its best for exercise was invaluable.  I ended up doing the majority of my training using these sessions other than any track time I had and I went on to get PBs for both my disciplines.  I will using these sessions for my training again for the 2014/2015 season and I am expecting even better results!” 


Nick Taylor

"I am not a huge fan of my wind trainer... However with Exponential Performance Coachings Indoor Cycling Training sessions I am more motivated to get onto the trainer. Having a planned session to complete means no wasted session and no stress to come up with a plan myself. I highly recommend this for any cyclist, mountain biker or triathlete looking for a highly effective, time saving plan for your indoor training. In fact anyone with a trainer or access to a spin bike would benefit from this!"


Milan Brodina

"I'm more of a mountain biker than road biker. But in winter I prefer to jump on my road bike and stick to the road and indoor trainer.  In the past I was just cruising for 30 min, but last winter I got the Top Secret Indoor Cycling library of workouts from Exponential Performance Coaching. Every time I do an indoor cycling session now I choose a workout from my list. These workouts cover many areas - from pedal technique to power development to increasing aerobic capacity. I found it very useful to have this library to go to and it is also assuring to know that these sessions have been prepared by an experienced coach. These workouts turned my average indoor cycling 

session into focused training"


Kate Spencely

"I have used Matty's indoor bike training programmes now over two winters. For me they are a valuable resource as, being on-call, I cannot always get onto the road to do a bike session.  They are short enough to fit in a tight time slot but long enough so I don’t feel I am just spinning my legs. I found the technique sessions really valuable for improving my pedalling action and although I cannot honestly say I enjoy doing intervals on the wind trainer, I know them to be a highly effective use of my time and energy. I appreciate that Matty knows my sport, knows what I need to do on the bike and that his programmes are targeted to build my fitness and technique."


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Do not let all of your hard earned fitness fade away this winter.

Get on the wind trainer, train smarter and get a jump on your competitors.



Top Secret knowledge like this comes at a price!


If you were to get all of the information contained in this Top Secret File directly from me through personal coaching you would be looking at paying over $500.




However you can get all of this for only $35

in this 1 file


Once you click on the link below you will be taken to the Gumroad website where you will be able to purchase Top Secert Indoor Cycling File using a secure credit card payment system then your Top Secert File will emailed to you ready for instant download.

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