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Advanced Strength Training for Paddlers.

The Paddler Pull Up Plan

If you're passionate about improving your paddling performance, there's one strength exercise that stands out above the rest – pull-ups. But let's face it, pull-ups are challenging.


As someone coming from a multisport background with a strong lower body from cycling and running, I've struggled with pull-ups too.

However, I discovered a game-changing solution that revolutionized not only my pull-up performance but that of athletes I coach as well – the 'Russian Fighter Pull-Up Plan,' designed by the renowned Russian strength coach, Pavel Tsatsouline.

With this highly effective program, I was able to more than double my personal pull-up record, and I've witnessed similar transformations in athletes under my guidance.

Here's what sets this plan apart:

Adapted for Paddlers: I've tailored the proven 'Russian Fighter Pull-Up Plan' to suit paddlers, addressing the unique challenges faced by those of us with a multisport background.

Seamless Integration: The beauty of this plan lies in its ability to seamlessly complement your daily training without negatively impacting other areas. It's a program that works with you, not against you.

Grease the Groove Concept: This plan is rooted in the "Grease the Groove" training method. By practicing the exercise with multiple sets but low reps, you'll enhance neurological pathways, build strength, and refine your pull-up technique without exhausting your muscles.

Neurological Pathway Enhancement: Just like learning a new instrument, consistent practice throughout the day – in short, focused periods – allows your brain to make optimal neural connections. The better your form, the more effectively your brain learns the movement.

The Deal of the Season: Now, here's the exciting part.


How much would you invest in a plan that could potentially double your pull-ups? $20? $50? $100? Today, you can seize this opportunity for just $10!

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Upgrade Your Performance: If you're ready to elevate your performance to new heights, consider our Paddle Stronger Premium Package. For only $19.99, you'll not only receive the exclusive Pull-Up Plan but also five other training resources, collectively valued at over $150.

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Don't miss out on this chance to transform your pull-up game and enhance your paddling performance. Invest in yourself today!

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