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Did you know the
Improving Kayak Performance Video Series 
is part of the Paddle Stronger Premium Package?
Upgrade to the Premium Package today and get these other training resources
for only $4.99 extra
Rather than just getting the Improving Kayak Performance Video Series on its own.

The Paddler Pull Up Plan 

  • If you were only able to do 1 strength exercise to improve your paddling, it would be pull ups. However, there is no doubt about it, pull ups are hard and is an exercise I have always personally struggled with.

  • Using this plan I was able to over double my personal pull up record and have seen others I coach do the same.

  • This plan is based on the highly effective 'Russian Fighter pull up plan' which was designed by world renowned Russian strength coach Pavel Tsatsouline with some adjustments to better suit paddlers and additional training notes to help with the implementation.

  • How much would you pay for a plan that can double your pull ups? 

    • $20, $50, $100?

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Digital Deck of Cards Session

  • With this digital deck of cards session you will have an effect training session you can do anywhere with no equipment.

  • Deck of  Card sessions are fun sessions to do at home, on the road or with a friend. They can also be a good substitution if you want a high volume metabolic type session if you were unable to train on the water due to time, weather, travel etc.

This exclusive digital training session is valued at $25

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Ready, Set, GO: Special Training Report


  • This Special Training Report shows you how you can tap into your physiology and psychology to maximise your start so you do not get left behind and end up having to play catch-up for the rest of the race.

  • For a more in-depth look at this report click here.

This Special Training Report normally sells by itself for $35

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Eat Your Way to The Podium: Endurance Sport Nutrition Guide

  • There is a mindset among many paddlers of: 'I can eat anything I want because I will just burn it off in training'. While this is true (you will likely burn it off), the reason you need to pay attention to your nutrition is not so you don't 'get fat'.


Nutrition is key for providing your body with the right 'ingredients' it needs to:

Function as a normal human being

Perform the required training

Repair and adapt to the training that you are doing

Maximise your performance on race day


In this ebook you will learn

  • How to plan your day to day nutrition

  • What you need to eat before, during and after training

  • Optimal race day nutrition

  • Hydration strategies

  • Tips to help gastrointestinal problems

  • How to maintain body weight

  • How to lose body fat

  • 24 practical recipes for day to day nutrition

  • Are supplements needed and if so which ones


Individually this ebook normally sells for $25




I want to take advantage of this of this amazing offer

and get a $130 discount these premium resources to boost my paddling

and upgrade to the Premium Package.

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I am happy with just the Improving Kayak Performance video series

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