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Personalised Training Programmes

Are you ready for this?

Due to the large demand I have for my personalised training programmes and coaching I can only take on a very limited number of athletes.


This also allows me to invest more energy into those who I am working with so you can get the most out of your training.


I love to work with people who are passionate and committed to achieving their goals. Your goal does not have to be to win and you do not have to be an elite athlete but if you are serious about improving your performance and pushing your limits then I really want to help you. 


What you Get 

Training programmes Includes


  • Initial planning consultation to review past training history, set goals and answer questions (Done via Skype, phone or one on one) 

  • Periodised training programme targeted toward your personal goals outlining daily training sessions

  • Identification of personal heart rate or power training zones based on field test results

  • Training notes that explain training intensities, specific training sessions and guide you through your programme

  • Programme delivered via online training software Training Peaks allowing athletes to view their programme any where and at any time (view your programme via a printed hard copy, on your computer or smart phone app)

  • Monitoring of uploaded training data, if uploaded by athlete (i.e. heart rate, power, speed and cadence)

  • Weekly coach initiated email to check how training is progressing

  • Unlimited athlete initiated contact for questions about training programme




Cost and structure
  • Casual month by month with 2 month minimum commitment

    - $90 per week

    - This is ideal for those who want a short focused build up to a specific race or event.

    - After the first 2 month minimum, the training period can be reduced to part months (weeks) to make up required time frame.


  • 6  month minimum commitment

    - $80 per week 

    - This has been designed for those people who have locked in medium term goals, are committed to making things happen and want to get results but do not require the long term support and development that the 12 month package offers.


  • 12 month commitment

    - $70 per week

    - If you are serious about achieving your medium and long term goals then this is you. A full 12 months of training structure, support and guidance.


All training periods are invoice bimonthly and can be paid as a lump sum or via weekly or fortnightly automatic payments.


These long term training commitments are not designed to lock you into an unbreakable contract that you have to sign your life over to or to keep you training flat out all year without time to breathe.

They are more a mutual commitment towards your goals so you can realise your full potential.


Training programme FAQ click here


What others think

I first met Matty in January 2013, at one of his Speights Coast to Coast training camps.  I was blown away by Matty’s extensive knowledge of the race, multisport, nutrition & how one could better themselves as an endurance athlete.  That camp became my crash course in learning about the Coast to Coast – not long prior to which I thought it was like some sort of triathlon based out of Queenstown – and was a key contributor to my Two Day record breaking success.  


In May 2013 I jumped on board the Exponential Performance Coaching train & never looked back.  I came to Matty with two goals.  One being to win the Speights Coast to Coast Longest Day, the other being to get on New Zealand’s best adventure racing team. 


I knew to achieve these goals I was going to have to commit 1 million percent and what I liked about Matty is that he took my goals as seriously as I did – he gave me a comprehensive program that took into account my current abilities & weaknesses, a gym program to combat my forever niggly knees, and nutrition advice that I have since incorporated into my daily living.


As a coach Matty is next level.  He understands that when someone commits to a goal or entering an event in advance, that they are committing themselves to a new style of life and to a certain vulnerability to the outcome of that goal or event.  The journey to that goal or event outcome brings challenges both mental & physical, and it is one I believe Matty genuinely wants to share with you, providing you the tools you need to get it done.


Both of my goals were realized early in 2014, where I won the Longest Day & became a member of Team NZ Adventure, which I believe to be not only be one of New Zealand’s best staged adventure racing teams, but one of the Worlds best.   I know none of this would have been possible without Matty’s support, of which I am very grateful.  


I believe no matter what your goals are - to finish an event, to win an event, break a record or to just undertake a new healthy lifestyle - having a coach like Matty in your life will ensure you make the most of it.



Jess Simson, 2015 & 14 World Multisport Champion (Speights Coast to Coast Longest Day), Two Day Speights Coast to Coast Record holder, member of Team NZ Adventure & much much more.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of Exponential Performance Coaching.
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Many coaching services, design a training programme and that is the last you hear from them. At Exponential Performance Coaching the programme is just the start of the training process. The best way to maximise the results from your hard work is to work closely with your coach so you stay on the right track.


Exponential Performance Coaching provides training support to athletes by allowing them unlimited contact with their coach to ask any questions about their training and racing. Along with this regular monitoring of the training process is done through analysis of HR, power and GPS data via Training Peaks, regular self assessment, physiological performance testing, regular phone, email and/or face to face coach contact.


The beauty of modern technology means that effective monitoring of athletes training can occur no matter where an athlete is located.


I understand that sometimes athletes require special programme options or structure.

So if you have any questions about the training process or would like to discuss training programme options please feel free to contact me.


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