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What every paddler should know?

Improving your performance in the boat involves so much more than just the physical training that you do.


Your physical training is like the roof of your temple and it is supported by 4 pillars,

Function, Psychology, Recovery and Nutrition.

If these pillars are not strong then your physical training will only get you so far. 















Establishing a solid foundation is critical in your hunt for performance improvement. 


Check out the video below and download your free introductory ebook

about the Performance Temple below.

The Performance Temple is the accumulation of what I have learnt over the last 10 years working with over 600 athletes across a wide range of different sports, six years of university education, self-guided study and my own experimentation in training and competition in endurance sports.


While there are no short cuts there are definitely 'smarter' ways of training that can help you get to your goal. The aim of the Performance Temple is to give you the required information to take your performance from wherever it is now to a place where you can achieve all of your performance goals. 


Rather than just focusing on the physical aspect of training like most people do the Performance Temple integrates the key aspects that are vital for peak performance.


I hope you find it helpful in your journey to achieving your paddling goals.


Train Smart and Paddle Strong


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