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Are these your questions? 

I get a lot of emails about Paddle Strong. So here are some of the most common.


If you still have a question about Paddle Strong feel free to send me an email me here.


Q: I’m just looking at buying the Paddle Strong package and it says it’s an E-book, .....I’ll probably want to read it in Bed, how much printing off  would I have to do, is it all a download?  (I’m not that flash with IT, coz I’m an old fart who hasn’t grown up with it).

Cheers JT


A: Yes, the Paddle Strong package is an 'e-package'. All of the written material are PDF downloads while the videos are set up to be watched online. 


The 'core' Paddle Strong ebook is broken down into 4 parts so you can print off those sections that you want to 'read' while other sections will only require you to refer to and these are better viewed on the computer, tablet or smartphone i.e. the exercise library which contains lots of exercise photos.


- The foundation section of Paddle Strong which is the bulk of the reading is 24 pages cover to back. If you printed it double sided it would come in at 12 pages or if you don't print the cover and disclaimer pages it would come in around 20 pages. 

- The Training Plan section is 11 pages

- The Exercise Library is 33 pages but contains mostly photos and short exercise descriptions and is best viewed on a screen.

- The Training Resource section is 14 pages. 


The bonus material is a mixture of ebooks and videos.

Q: I'm looking at your paddle strong book, but as I am turning 60 this year, can this item help me. I'm not fast but I'm not slow, any way I'd appreciate an answer.

Regards JW


A: As the human body ages there is an age-related decrease in muscle mass which in turn results in a decrease in strength. This really starts to accelerate after the age of 35 but the research shows that this age-related decline can be slowed, stopped and even reversed using strength training. So even if you are not planning on using Paddle Strong then I would highly recommend performing some strength training if you do not do so already just for general health. 


In terms of Paddle Strong, I designed it specifically for helping kayakers no matter what level they are. So if you are wanting to improve your performance in the boat coupled with your age and the changes in the body that I noted above you more than anyone would benefit greatly from it.


Q: Can the weights section in the  book be done at home with a few Dumbbells, K'bells etc. I am not a big fan of the gym.

Thanks MG 

A: The majority of the exercises are performed with free weights (barbell, kettle bells, dumbbells, swiss ball and medicine balls) along with body weight. However, there are some exercises that use some 'gym equipment such as a cable machine, bench press and pull up bar. The cable exercises can be done with a stretchy band instead.

Q: Would Paddle Strong help with my outrigger canoeing or is it quite specific to the kayak stroke?

Thanks TP


A: I designed Paddle Strong specifically for kayaking but the training sessions and methods in it have been used by a lot of outrigger paddlers with a lot of success as the general muscle groups and movement's are very similar between the two. If you need help adapting any of the exercises to make them more specific to outrigger paddling just let me know and I can give you a hand.


Here are a couple of comments from a Waka Ama paddler using Paddle Strong.

During my W1 training journey I didn’t have a clue what I was doing I was just trying to paddle hard and as much times as I could.


I have now assessed all my notes and recordings identifying two important things that I need to focus on, 1/ effective training and 2/ using the right muscles.  That is how I found you. 


I have noticed overall body improvement but two important things that have contributed towards my waka ama performance.


1. My top hand on the paddle handle (T) is now controlled, this allows the paddle entry to be smoother and paddling in line with the canoe, making it glide.


2. My posture. I feel my frame is positioned nicely and I don’t have a hunch back as the kids put it. I was always cutting my breathing off.


Still have a long way to go but am really enjoying making such noticeable improvements.


If you have any other questions about Paddle Strong that I can help with please email me here.

Train Smart and Paddle Strong 


If you are ready to start training smarter and racing faster

make sure you get your copy of Paddle Strong and get started.



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