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Thanks for taking the time to provide a testimonial about Paddle Strong.


See below for how you can get you hands on the new upgraded Paddle Strong content.

The NEW 

Upgraded Paddle Strong Package

Option 1Written testimonial and Photo


What you get: Gain all of the new upgraded Paddle Strong material as shown above. See the full details HERE.  


How: Write a short review about your experiences using Paddle Strong and how it has helped your paddling. Include a photo of yourself (it could be while you are in the gym, training, racing or a profile photo).


See below for two examples

The NEW 

Paddle Strong Premium Package

Option 2: Video testimonial


What you get: Gain all of the new Paddle Strong Premium Training resources as shown above. See the full details HERE


How: Record a short video of yourself talking about your experiences using Paddle Strong and how it has helped your paddling.


Ideas about what to talk about?

- Who you are and what kind of paddling you do?

- What are your kayaking goals?

- Why did you purchase Paddle Strong?

- How has Paddle Strong helped you improve your kayaking?

- What benefits have you seen from using Paddle Stong?

- Anything else you would like to say.


See below for some examples of video testimonials. 

Tips to help you create your testimonials


Option 1: Written testimonial and Photo

  • You can write this testimonial in a word document then attach it along with a photo and email it to me at:

  • Or you could just write the testimonial in the body of an email.


Option 2: Video testimonial

  • This video does not have to be long or complex.

  • Keep it short (1-3 min), informal and unscripted.

  • This could be filmed on your phone (land scape selfie mode or get someone to hold it) before, during or after a training session or at home or somewhere with a scenic back drop.

  • You could use your camera on your lap top

How to send me your testimonials


Depending on where you live you can use the following options to get the above files to me.


  • Whatsap them to me (Whatsap is a free app you can download that uses your data or wifi to text and send photos/ videos)

  • Email it if it is not too big or use google share if you are on gmail:

  • Share a dropbox folder with me

  • Send through Facebook messenger

  • Upload your videos to youtube and send me the links

  • Whatever is easiest for you.

  • If you are unsure of how to get it to me then please just contact me and I will help you out.

By submitting these written and video testimonials along with any photos you are agreeing to them and your name to be used as promotional material by Exponential Performance Coaching.


This may include but is not limited to edited online videos, social media advertising campaigns, testimonials on the Exponential Performance Coaching website and other e-products in relation to the promotion of Paddle Strong.

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