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Advanced Strength Training for Paddlers.

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness 

Delayed onset muscle soreness aka DOMS is the muscle soreness or stiffness that like me today you are likely familiar with.

It typically occurs ~ 24 - 48 hours after hard training.


This soreness is due to the inflammatory process required for the adaptation and healing of micro damage (small tears) in your muscle fibres from training.


This soreness can negatively impact your on water training the following day if the session aims are technique or high intensity training.

If you are new to strength training be aware that you will likely experience DOMs in your first few weeks of strength training.

You can minimise this by gradually building into your strength working focusing on your technique and control rather than lifting heavy loads.

Once you build up a history of consistent strength training getting DOMs will be a thing of the past if you control your progression and loads.

See the diagram below for an example from Paddle Stronger about how to structure your strength training around your on-water training.


In the Paddle Stronger strength training package there are more tips about managing DOMs, what do you do if you get DOMs and how to structure your on-water training around your strength training. 

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If you have a burning question about your training that you want to be answered,  send me an email me here and I will do my best to answer it for you.


Train Smart and Paddle Stronger


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