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Advanced Strength Training for Paddlers.

Interview with Annabell Anderson 

Check out this interview I did with with legendary paddler Annabel Anderson.

We talk about;

- How she craved her own path to high performance stand up paddle boarding.

- How she started beating all the male competitors and winning races outright

- Along with the trials and tribulations that go along with this. 

This is a must watch or listen (both of which you can do below) no matter if you are a SUP paddler or not. I am confident that everyone will take away something from Annabel's mindset and training approach.

Watch the video below on YouTube,

Or Listen below on Sound Cloud or find it on your preferred podcasting app. 

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If you have a burning question about your training that you want to be answered,  send me an email me here and I will do my best to answer it for you.


Train Smart and Paddle Stronger


If you want to boost your strength and on-water performance 

Get your copy of Paddle Stronger below


NOTE: The Paddle Stronger training package is a

completely downloadable product of E-books and online videos.

No physical products will be shipped.

After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to all product components onto your computer

(no waiting or shipping costs!).

The format for all E-books is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.

The videos are private Youtube videos that can be viewed online, which are also compatible with both Mac and PC. 

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