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Are you finally ready to boost your riding performance and Ride Strong?

Ride Strong is not just an e-book.

Ride Strong is a complete training system.


It has got all of the important background information required for riders to understand and implement their training without being weighed down with unnecessary information. It also includes high-quality training plans and exercise descriptions that will allow athletes to put the theory into practice.


If you are finally ready to take your kayaking up a few levels

..... then it's time to Paddle Strong.

If you were to get this information, training sessions and tips outlined in this training system + the bonus material

personally from Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Matty Graham through Exponential Performance Coaching

the cost would be in excess of $1500.


However, you will not pay anywhere near this.

You can get all of this for only $29.99 NZD


 Ride Strong Foundation ebook and Exercise Library and complete training plans.


Bonus Common Technique Faults report, Top Secret Indoor Cycling File and Ride Strong video presentations so you can get the most out of Ride Strong. 


Once you click on the link below you will be taken to the Gumroad website where you will be able to purchase Ride Strong using a secure credit card payment system then your copy of Ride Strong will be ready for instant download.

I found the strength plans from Matty at Exponential Performance Coaching to be really beneficial and complementary to my goals on the bike. I gained significant core strength which helped with overall stability on the bike. The exercises were all tailored to be specific to cycling and my weaknesses there. The plans were designed well with detailed instructions, lots of variety and weekly progression included.


Brad Evans

Working in the gym over the winter has really helped to strengthen the weak areas and work to build on the rest.  A bonus for my dedicated gym sessions over winter has been to become pain-free from a niggly permanent injury I have had for 20 years. Since everything is taken into consideration for your training the most important benefits to me have been  improved riding, increase in overall strength, the want for more gains and more knowledge and most importantly I’ve found cycling more enjoyable.

Glenda Bruce 

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of Exponential Performance Coaching.
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