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Exponential Performance Podcast

Episode 3


In this episode 


Follow up: Garmin Heart rate problem - 5:50


Follow up: Protein before bed follow up - 8:03


Gear Junkie: Interview with Ryan Shanks about the 4iiii power meter - 9:30


Myth buster:  The EPO myth: Does EPO actually improve cycling performance? Some new research indicates it may not - 22:55


Lessons from the lab: Training, sleep and injury -  30:35


Lessons from Life: Never give up - lessons from the 5500km Indian Pacific Wheel Race - 37:12


Interview: ​​With multisport and adventure racing athlete Isla Smith  - 46:14



Chest pains on the MTB - 1:20:20

How to prioritise your training sessions when the shit hits the fan during the week at work, home etc - 1:24:26

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Show notes

- 4iiii power meters

- Rest day with Mike and Ryan podcast

- Optimal Performance Christchurch

- Lessons from the lab research

- Chronic Lack of Sleep is Associated With Increased Sports Injuries in Adolescent Athletes. Milewsi et al. in J Pediatr Orthop, 2014

- Training-related risk factors in the etiology of overuse injuries in endurance sports. Ristolainen et al. J Sports Med Phys Fitness, 2014

- Indian Pacific Wheel Race or check out a quick insight below











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