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In this Episode 

- How to approach your first gym session or getting back into the gym:  1.45

  • If you can't do your sport specific training because you are sore from your strength training then this is counterproductive.

  • I think a lot of athletes go into the gym looking to 'hurt ' themselves.

  • If you are an endurance athlete in the gym and you are huffing and puffing you are doing the wrong type of training. We are looking for  a strength stimulus not a conditioning effect.

  • It is going to feel a lot different from what you do out on the bike, running, swimming or paddling. If it doesn't then you are doing the wrong thing.

  • Anything over the minimal effective does of training just becomes general damage and not necessarily adding to the training effect.

  • You want to walk out the door feeling fresh, better than when you walked in and are ready to come back in 1 or 2 days time for another session because you are not crippled because you have done such a massive session.

  • You wouldn't go out for your first ever run and go and run a half marathon.

  • Regular training sessions develop capacity over time .

  • Base your strength training off your needs, your goal and how you are going to get there rather than flicking through Instagram picking out cool looking exercises.

  • Your training is more than just a one off session.

  • Don't just do the exercise, DO THE EXERCISE. Engage with the exercise, get that mind, muscle connection and maximise the outcome  rather than just going through the motions.

  • Don't get caught up on doing core. Your core should be engaged in all of your exercises not just on the 'core mats' for 20 minutes  at the end of your session. 


- Mind set and positive thinking - Goal setting: 15.48

  • I like to think motivation is simply why do you get out of bed in the morning.  

  • Motivation is the key to everything .

  • Your motivation will be made up of a combination of both intrinsic and extrinsic factors.

  • Do you train just to get the selfie for Insta?

  • Why do you do what you do?

  • Intrinsic motivators come from the 'heart'.

  • How many time have you seen someone pull out of a race because they are just not in to it.

  • Your goals need to be S.M.A.R.T.E.R

  • Make sure your goals are measurable.

  • Keep your goal realistic so you are not setting yourself up for failure.

  • Make sure you are setting your own goals and they are relevant to you.

  • Are your goals exciting enough to get you out of bed on a cold morning?

  • I don't go out looking for events anymore, I kind of find that they find me.


- Training Plan Sneak Peek: MTB Enduro Training Plan: 31.30


- Quick Tip: Vitamin D: 36.34

  • Vit D is one of the 24 micro nutrients that is critical for human survival.

  • Sun exposure in small amounts is our main way we get Vitamin D.

  • We also get some for fish, eggs and some dairy that has it added.

  • During winter time we can think we are getting good sun exposure but we are not getting the same Vit D levels as in summer.

  • This can cause a slump in your mood.

  • Upping the intake of these foods high in Vit D or supplementation during these times can be beneficial.   

  • Vit D is vital for calcium absorption in the bones .

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