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- Top 3 training concepts for endurance athletes: 1.16

1) The performance Equation

  • Training Load + Adequate recovery = Increase in performance

  • When we are training we are manipulating the left hand side of the equation - Training load. This is a natural place to put your attention when you are wanting to improve your performance.

  • The other side of the equation is just as important but it is often neglected.

  • Training in itself does not make you better. Training coupled with adequate recovery is what improves your performance.

  • Endurance athletes are often highly motivated and have a large training load and need to focus on the recovery side of the equation.

  • In saying that recovery does not make you better unless you have done the training to match with it.

2) Training Intensity

  • Training intensity is simply how HARD you are training.

  • Training intensity links directly into our energy systems which is what we are trying to train.

  • Training at different intensities stimulates different training adaptations.

  • We need to make sure we have our training zones locked in for each discipline as they are different.

  • Once we know our training zones we need to have a little bit of training zone discipline.

3) Nutrition

  • Nutrition in itself is a training stimulus.

  • There is often a mentality amount endurance athletes that I can eat anything i want because I will just burn it off.

  • Training is not just all about burning energy and creating a energy deficit and lose weight.

  • Eating is not a reward for HARD training or hard training is not a punishment for eating 'bad' foods.

  • Food is the fuel that drives the engine.  if you are not putting in the right fuel at the right time you are not going to be able to do the required training.

  • The second part of nutrition is recovery. Without the right nutrition at the right time then recovery cannot take place.

  • The third and final part of nutrition is just base line  health and normal human function. If you can't tick this health box with your day to day nutrition then you cannot perform at a high level

- Using reflection to boost your performance: 17.40

  •  We have talked about goals, having a positive mindset but if we don't sit down and reflect then what is it all good for?

  • Reflection should not just be at the end of a goal. Reflecting on a regular day to day basis can help us stay connected to our goals.

  • Give yourself some time in a quiet place to sit down and reflect.

  • Start to pull apart our past few weeks and work through what went well and what you can improve on.

  • From this you can formulate yourself a to do list to help you work on things moving forward. This is your mission critical list: The 3 most important things that you must get done.

  • The end review is probably one of the most important reviews to have. What went well, what didn't work. Dig in to it and be honest.

  • These things help us not only be a better athlete but a better person in our personal life as well.

- Training plan sneak peak: Marathon Training Plan:  28.10

  • When it comes to marathon training because it is such an old event there is so much mixed training information out there.

  • This training plan has been designed for you if you are stepping up to the marathon distance for the first time or if you struggled through your first marathon and want to perform better next time.

  • This 16-week training plan has been designed to take the guesswork out of your training.

- Quick tip: Keep your knees warm: 33.05

  • This is a rule I heard from a very well respected physio 10 odd years ago about protecting your knees.

  • If it is 10 degree C or less you should have your knee covered up when training outdoors to maintain circulation.

  • This is something I have come back to help with some knee issues I have been having.

  • When you go out in the cold the blood vessels in your extremities constrict to keep your blood in your core.

  • Keeping the blood flowing to the knees in cold weather helps with circulation, tissue integrity especially if you have knee niggles at the best of time. 

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