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In this Episode 

  • How do you approach 6000 odd km of riding?

    • I break it down into stages, smaller stages and mirco stages to break things up and plan where to get your food.

    • When you are in the middle of no where and you have got 4000 km to go it is nice to break that down and think you have only got 150km to your next food stop.

  • I am quite happy camping out anywhere.

    • Sports fields, school grounds, under trees and on the side of the road.

  • Tour Divide 2019

    • I just went into it wanting to give it my best shot, have a clean run and enjoy it.

    • I ended up 4th place but my knee flared up after a few crashes in Colorado.

  • How do you approach one of these big bike packing events?

    • I am pretty relaxed about my training.

    • I ride as much as I can, I like to carry all of my gear and get into the mountains.

    • A big training week might be around 500 km or more if I add in a big 2-3 day multi day ride.

    • I do some intervals on my road bike around the roads here in Hanmer as well.

  • What is your approach to nutrition?

    • I eat pretty healthily.

    • I have been vegetarian for the last 20 years.

  • How do you go about getting what you need from a petrol station when you are out racing?

    • I go for a lot of banana, slated nuts, sandwiches, snickers bars, protein bars, Sub Way sandwiches, pies, soft drink just whatever I can get my hands on.

  • How do you plan your approach to a race like this?

    • I really don't plan it too much.

    • I normally plan to ride to midnight and then sleep for 2-3 hours then get up before the sun. But this does change depending on what is going on and how I am feeling.

    • I go pretty well on not much sleep, even just day to day 7 hours seems enough for me.

    • One of the hardest things to do is get up in the mid of the night and put on cold and wet gear and start riding in the dark.

    • The thing I love about self supported ultra endurance riding is that you have everything you need on your bike so you don't have to be anywhere at any time. You can stop when ever and wherever you like.

  • How do you approach these events from a mental perspective?

    • I make up my own affirmations during the races and keep a positive mindset.  

    • I am not quitting! What is my bigger why? I am riding my bike in a foreign country let's get back out course as fast as I can.

    •  It is more a mental challenge than a physical challenge.

  • Tips for those getting into bike packing:

    • Slowly build up your riding

    • Start with the smaller events to get a taste.

    • Test your gear in training.

    • Sleep out in the mountains

    • Get use to being self-sufficient

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