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Welcome to the Exponential Performance Coaching
Online Training System for the Coast to Coast. 

This is an exclusive training system to help athletes of all abilities to train and prepare for every aspect of the Coast to Coast.


Sport scientist and performance coach Matty Graham, provides you the effective combination of cutting edge sport science base training and practical advice. Through this complete online training system you will have exclusive access to monthly training plans, video tips and information so you can take the guess work out of your training and preparation.

‘In the past I have found athlete’s stumbling through their training for the Coast to Coast. Wondering if the countless hours they are investing into their training is enough, too much or even the right type of training. This training system is my attempt to help as many Coast to Coast athletes as I can reach their goals.’

Matty Graham


What is included in this training system?
Training Plans

Each month (August to February) you will be able to download a training plan that suits your needs.

Choose from a range of training plans run through the online Training Peaks software based on the specific race you are training for and your level of ability.


The Coast to Coast Online Training System includes over 25 videos that are released each month.

The videos cover information that you need to know for your training and racing.


The Exponential Performance Coaching Coast to Coast Online Training System is 100% based online and therefore can be accessed by anyone, anywhere in the world with an internet connection.


There is a FREE app available through Training Peaks that allows you to easily access, view and update your training plan on your mobile devices allowing you to keep up to date with your daily training schedule. 


As part of the training system you will have monthly email contact with Sport Scientist and Performance Coach Matty Graham to ask questions about your training and monitor your progress.


There is also the option of having extra coach support through email, skype or phone for an additional fee.  

FREE Trial 

Get started with your training with a 100% FREE 2 month trial over the months of August and September.

Access the training plans for these training phases and training videos.


Simply click the button below, sign up and start training SMARTER.

Training System Cost 

If you were to get these 6.5 months of training plans and information from me through one on one coaching andconsulting the cost would be in excess of $1000.


However through this exclusive training system you can gain access all of this for only $65 per month.

So for 6.5 months of training, August through to the Coast to Coast in February the total cost would be $422.


So you can get your training off to a good start and make the most of this training system, I want to give you the first 2 months (August and September) completely FREE with no obligation to sign up and continue following this time.


The cost of the training system then becomes




6 months of sport science based training and expert advice for only $290

Sign up for the FULL Coast to Coast Online Training System HERE

"A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step"


Get started today with your FREE trial 

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