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Thanks for taking the time to review this proposal. 

I am excited to provide Marmot with an opportunity to align itself with and support a very unique and quintessential kiwi project.

A project that is aimed at celebrating kiwi outdoor pioneers that had a can do, get it done attitude and who were not afraid of pushing the limits.

On the 26th February 1983, the rugged West Coast Kumara Beach was lined with 79 mountain men and woman ready to embark on an adventure that would change history.

When the gun went at 7 am that morning the racers jostled for position as they ran up the dirt road towards their waiting bikes.

This was the start of the first ever Coast to Coast.

In those days the latest and greatest high tech gear included 10 speed bikes, woolen singlet's, bush shirts, stubbies, home spun jerseys and oilskin parkas. Apparently, one of the bikes even had a baby seat attached to it and there was a kayak made of canvas. Sport nutrition was not even a thing. However, they knew that to fuel a journey of 243 km from one coast to the other was going to require a lot of bananas, fruitcake, fruit juice and ginger nuts.

These pioneering multisporters had the quintessential can do attitude and did a lot with very basic gear.

February 2022 marks the 40th anniversary of the Coast to Coast and I am going to take a step back in time to pay homage to these early pioneers and do a bit of a living history experiment completing the Coast to Coast with only the authentic equipment, clothing and nutrition that was available in 1983.

I would love to partner with Marmot and as part of this living history experiment, do some OLD vs. NEW gear comparisons.

  • How much better is this new gear?

  • What does 40 years of outdoor equipment and clothing innovation look like?

  • How much more comfortable and functional is it?

  • What are the differences in blister count and chafe factor? (Based on my training runs in my cotton stubbies I would stay it's a big difference)

  • Let us find out in some head-to-head comparisons.

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How you can help

I am seeking a sponsor that will become the naming sponsor of this project. The Old School Marmot Coast to Coast.


- Firstly, I am seeking $1000 to cover the entry fee for the race


- Secondly, I am seeking Marmots latest and greatest gear to test against the old school equivalent and use as my safety gear on race day to meet the health and safety requirements.

Your help with either of these would be greatly appreciated. 


Gear that I need:

I see this gear being used in Old vs. New gear comparisons and as part of my compulsory safety gear during the race.

  • Rain Jacket

  • Macpac Men's Eyre Short Sleeve Tee

  • Macpac Men's Eyre Hooded Long Sleeve Tee

  • Macpac Men's Jetstream Reflex™ Rain Pants

  • Macpac Men's Fast Track Shorts

  • Macpac Merino 150 Beanie

  • Macpac Polypro Glove

  • Macpac Wilderness Bumbag — Large

  • Macpac Survival Bag

  • Salomon Men's Supercross 3 Trail Running Shoes


I see this gear being part of my old school race wear

  • Macpac Men's Eclipse Long Sleeve Shirt

    • I would love to wear this for the full race. From the start line, first bunch ride and Mountain run on day one and then all of day two as well. I think it would capture the old school philosophy nicely and is a tip of the hat to the days of checkered bush shirts and flannel. It would be a stark contrast to the lyric clad masses

  • Macpac Vintage Canvas Cap

    • This would be great for the mountain run and under my kayak helmet on day two. The vintage Macpac logo fits in really well with the old school philosophy.

  • Macpac Men's Winger Shorts

    • While these are maybe a little modern (90s) I think these would be a great fit for day one or even the full event.

How I can help you:

  • I can provide you with a unique and authentic project for Marmot to align itself with. A project that is aimed at celebrating kiwi outdoor pioneers that had a can do, get it done attitude and who were not afraid of pushing the limits.

  • During and following this project unique and interesting content will be produced. As part of this partnership Marmot will have access to this video, photographic and written content to use in novel and engaging online social media content. 

  • It is anticipated there will be significant media coverage of this 'unique' approach to the Coast to Coast on the 40th Anniversary of the event. Marmot will be promoted wherever possible as it was 40 years ago when it was the naming sponsor.

  • This will be highlighted with media releases provided to print media and working with the Coast to Coast media team to capitalise on potential media opportunities and public displays in the led up to the event.

  • I will be doing regular YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and blog posts in the lead up to and following the event in which Macpac gear and history will play a leading role.

o    Planned review videos

  • Macpac Tempo rain jacket and Jet Stream pants comparison to old school oilskin parka

  • Macpac Eyre Short Sleeve Tee and Macpac Fast Track Shorts comparison to old school woolen singlet and stubbies during simulated mountain run. What will the bleeding nipple and chafe factor difference be?

  • Salomon speed cross running shoes vs. 1983 style New Balance 500 series shoes


Film project

As part of the Old School Coast to Coast project I have been working with a film company to try to find funding to create a documentary about the 1983 Coast to Coast and how the race and sport has evolved over the years. From the humble beginnings of a race for a few of the hardest 'mountain men and woman' to becoming a globe icon in the world of endurance sport that has had a fair reaching impact on many around the globe.

The layers of influence that the Coast to Coast has had are immense. From bringing the fringe sport of Multisport into the spot light, creating a 'life-style' for thousands of people as they pursued their own Coast to Coast dreams, to catalysing an industry of kayak innovation, other endurance events, multisport and outdoor retail outlets and endurance coaching services for recreational athletes.

I really wanted to capture this amazing history in a way that does it justice and document it for the years to come. We are still trying to secure funding for this film project through various avenues and if it was to go head Marmot would be a key feature in this.

Capture GSB.PNG

About me

My name is Matty Graham, I live in Wanaka, NZ with my wife Lily and two daughters Elsie and Merritt.

I have a passion for the outdoors, endurance sport and helping others achieve their goals.


I first feel in love with the outdoors growing up on the West Coast tramping with my dad. This passion then turned into an obsession when my dad took me to watch the start of the Coast to Coast. Since this time, I have spent my life training for and racing multisport/ adventure racing events and more recently ultra endurance bike packing. I combined this experience with university study in sport science to allow me to help coach others towards their own goals.


I split my time as the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the New Zealand Para Alpine Ski Team, coaching endurance athletes around the world and working in schools getting kids on bikes through the Bike Ready programme.


Outside of this my girls and I spend as much time as possible on our bikes, tramping, skiing, paddling and just generally enjoying our amazing country.


I have been a passionate Macpac user for many year since my first Macpac down jacket to my AMP 25 adventure racing pack that is still going strong after 10 + years of use. It was an easy choice this year when I bought both my kids Macpac Overlander sleeping bags for our family adventures. Because Macpac stands the test of time and I would love to bring this message to the Old School Macpac Coast to Coast Project. 

Your help with this project in any way would be greatly appreciated. 

Matty Graham


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