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In this episode 

- How Jan lost 63 kg in weight -  4.45


- What made Jan run the Marathon Des Sables -  8.20


- How Jan prepared for the Sahara Desert -  11.30


- How Jan coped with her husband having heart surgery only weeks before heading to the Sahara Desert - 13.45


- What gear Jan use for the Marathon Des Sables -  16.20


- What did Jan eat for 7 days in the Sahara Desert - 19.10


- 84 km in 33 hours in the Sahara Desert -  25.20


- 5 days sedated and not feed in a foreign hospital - 34.34


- Was it worth it - 39.40


- Whats next - 41.30


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Show notes

- More info about Jan's amazing weight loss 

- Stuff article - Half the woman she was.

- Woman's weekly article - New body, new life

- Jan's attempt at the Antarctic marathon

- Jan's Inca Trail marathon report

- Jans feet 2.5 weeks after the race, 'starting to look like feet again'




Skip to ~ 18 min into the video below for a bit of a taste of what does it feel like to spend 35.5 hours out in the Sahara Desert as Jan crosses the line at the end of the 86.2 km stage 4 of Marathon Des Sables.

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