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Take a look below to see what is included in the NEW Paddle Strong Package.

The NEW Paddle Strong Training System includes 

Ebook 1: Foundation

  • In this ebook you will learn the anatomical and physiological principles to help you understand the WHY behind your training. This coupled with a fully periodised outline, specific performance tests and nutrition notes equips you with all the knowledge you need to know to get the most out of yourself.

Ebook 2: Exercise Library

  • Technique in the gym is critical for safe and effective strength training. With over 100 photos and clear technique cues, this exercise library outlines the exact exercises you need to perform in all of the training Paddle Strong plans.

Ebook 3: Training Plans

  • Six comprehensive easy to follow training plans that provide step up step instructions so you can approach your strength training with the confidence that you are doing the best training possible.

Ebook 4: Training resources

  • Bring your training plans into the real world with printable templates which allow you to track your training progress.

The new Paddle Strong Package

Also includes the following bonus 

Training Resources 

Bonus 1: Common Technique Faults

  • This report tackles the most common technique faults in the gym and teaches you how to correct them to make your time in the gym safer and more effective.

Bonus 2: Improving Kayaking Performance

  • Get a front row seat to an exclusive presentation at a Canoe Race New Zealand training camp as Matty Graham talks you through how to plan and periodise your training on the water over a 4 part video series.

Bonus 3: Improving Kayaking Performance presentation slides

  • Revisit and dig deeper into the presentation content with a full set of presentation slides.

Bonus 4: Paddle Strong video presentations

  • Video 1: How to get the most out of Paddle Strong

    • In this video presentation you will learn how to get the most out of the Paddle Strong training system depending on your experience and training history. Understanding where to put your focus will allow you to personalise your training approach and boost your performance.  

  • Video 2: How to integrate Paddle Strong into your training

    • In this video presentation you will gain the knowledge to effectively integrate the Paddle Strong training system into your current training plan so there is minimal interference with your on water training and you get maximal performance gains.

Make sure you take action today and complete your Paddle Strong testimonial so you can get your hands on all of these new upgraded training resources.

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