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In this episode 


- Quick fire questions: 4.00

- How Dougal got into endurance sport: 7.11

- The early days: 11.12

- Dougal's inspiration: 17.06

- The switch from Multisport to Triathlon: 20.02

- What changed in 5 years to go from 2nd to 1st at the Coast to Coast: 28.44

- Dougal's training approach: 39.35

- Strength training: 45.25

- Dougal's daily nutrition approach: 55.08

- Dougal's race nutrition: 58.47

- Advice for young athletes: 1.00.48

- Struggles of a professional athlete: 1.03.24

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Show notes

 - Check out Dougal's website HERE 

 - Follow Dougal on Instagram and Facebook

- If you want to incorporate strength training into your training but are not sure how to do it. Check out the following plans to see where to start or how to progress your strength training. 

- Performance Temple Function handbook - great low cost place to start for a basic strength session to get started

- Multisport Winter Training Plan 

- Paddle Strong - more comprehensive strength training for paddlers and mutlisporters 

- Ride Strong - strength training for cyclists and mountain bikers 

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