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In this episode 


- 4.07: Should you wait for your heart rate to reach the zone before starting your interval?

- 9.20: Unable to reach higher heart rate zones on the keto diet

- 18. 33: What is the difference in calorie burn between training zones?

- 25.00: In long distance rides is it best to stay in zone 2 on the flats and then increase into zone 4 on the hills?

- 31.20: Are VO2max intervals anaerobic because they are above the anaerobic threshold?

- 37.19: How much lactate training should you do in a week?

- 45.50: How low should your heart rate be during recovery intervals?

- 51.08: Low heart rates during training: Does this mean you are over trained?

- 56.41: Training for UK masters champs in  K1 1000 m kayaking

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Show notes

- If you want to incorporate strength training into your training but are not sure how to do it. Check out the following plans to see where to start or how to progress your strength training. 

- Performance Temple Function handbook - great low cost place to start for a basic strength session to get started

- Multisport Winter Training Plan 

- Paddle Strong - more comprehensive strength training for paddlers and mutlisporters 

- Ride Strong - strength training for cyclists and mountain bikers 

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