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In this Episode 

  • Dealing with the COVID-19 lock down

    • This lock down is a great opportunity to slow down and invest time in other aspects of your training.

    • Perspective is a great thing: Imagine Anne Frank hiding from the Nazi's for 2 years in a small apartment. What we are facing is a bit of a holiday in comparison.

    • Perspective is a fantastic grounding tool to help re frame situations.

    • When you can no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. Victor Frankl.

    • Get into a routine

    • Get outside into the sun and get some Vitamin D  - it is good on so many levels

    • Be kind to others.

    • In the scheme of things this next 4 weeks will have minimal impact on your long term performance as long as you keep active and maintain your fitness over this time.

    • Train to maintain, get through this lock down and then build from there. There will be no races for at least 6 months so make the most of this time.

    • This is an ideal time for endurance athletes to work on their strength and mobility as it is not taking away from anything else you have got going on.

    • A training session is designed to achieve a specific outcome for a sporting goal. The goal of a workout on the other hand is to burn energy.

    • Try slowing your exercises down on the eccentric or lowering phases to increase the training load. Give a 15 second push up a go where you lower for 5 seconds, hold for 5 seconds at the bottom and then push up for 5 seconds. By doing this you can get some great strength gains without needing much equipment or weight.

    • Also try some isometric holds to mix things up. Try a prone hold for 10 seconds contracting every muscle in your body as hard as you can during that time. Have a 5 second recovery before repeating this a few more times.

  • Neuro plasticity

    • Essentially neuro plasticity is the brains capacity to reorganise and adopt new movement patterns that we are undertaking in our life.

    • Our body adapts very quickly initially, before it starts to plateau where gains become harder to obtain.

    • It is very much a use it or lose it philosophy. So keep the key movement patterns in your training on a regular basis.

    • Your body will learn what it continuously does good or bad. So make sure you work on good movement patterns from the start.

    • This is a great time to be working on this.

  • Consistent consistency

    • Consistent inconsistency: Always up and down with training, struggles to strings more than a few days together.

    • Inconsistent Consistent: Blocks of consistency but always 'falling off the programme'.

    • Consistent consistency  is a bit boring, but it is effective. A flash one of session does not make a big different but lots of small sessions add up to make a big difference.

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