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Special Training Report

Getting your boat up to speed as quick as possible is such an important part of racing and it seems that it is part of the race that most paddlers struggle with.


It does not matter if you are a sprint, marathon, ski or multisport paddler. There is nothing worse than getting left for dead on the start line and having to work extra hard to make up that lost time. 


Paddlers often think there is a difference in starts tactics between a marathon race and a sprint race.


The fact is your start should be the same in the first 10 seconds no matter how long or short your race is. The goal is always to get away from the start line as fast as possible. 


In this report we want to give you some practical information that you can use in your next race to get off the start line faster so you can get into the front group, out in front or just set a PB. 

It is free speed


If you get up to speed faster than everyone else then they have to catch up.

There is also a psychological advantage being out in front/ with the front group vs. being off the back and trying to catch up.


The pace always drops and you can always ease back if you start to tire. However if you are playing catch up from the start you are going to have to expend a lot of energy just to be back up even.


The start also provides the opportunity for you to maximise the usage of your short term anaerobic energy system.


Once you have started this energy system will not be able to effectively provide you with performance enhancing energy like it can at the start of the race, so it is important that you take advantage of this if you want to perform at your best. 

What you will learn in Ready, Set, Go

- A better understanding of the physiological demands of a start so you can be tailor your training

- Physical tips you can use to instantly improve your start

- Mental tips to narrow your focus during what can be a nervous time for many paddlers

- General guidelines and goals for you to focus on when training your starts

- Three specific on water training sessions for you to improve your starts no matter what your current level is

- A specific dry land gym session for those wanting to take their starts to the next level

- A periodised overview to guide you on when you need to focus your training on your starts 



All of this information is packed into this e-report

for only $35 NZD


Download your copy now

So you do not get left behind

By the same authors that brought you

Paddle Strong 

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