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Personalised Training Programmes

with Nick Taylor

There is no one training programme that fits everyone or no one programme that can grantee a champion. Therefore, it is critical that training programmes are personalised to suit your specific needs as an individual.


With my personalised training programmes and coaching, you will


- Fast track your fitness and get the results you deserve from the hard work you put in by training smarter.

- Cut the learning curve and bypass the tedious trial and error process that so many people stumble through when training for an event.

- Maximise your training time through personlised training advice so you can better balance your family, work and social life.

- Leave no stone unturned so when you reach the start line you are confident in your training and preparation so you can go out there and achieve your goals. 

Personalised Training Programmes


  • Initial planning consultation to review past training history, set goals and answer questions (Done via Skype, phone or one on one) 

  • Fully personalised periodised training programme designed specifically to target your personal goals programmed in two 4 week blocks

  • Identification of personal heart rate or power training zones based on field test results

  • Comprehensive training notes that explain training intensities, specific training sessions and guide you through your programme

  • Programme delivered via online training software Training Peaks allowing athletes to view their programme any where and at any time (view your programme via a printed hard copy, on your computer or smart phone app)

  • Review of training data and reprogramme at 4 weeks through training block

  • Fortnightly coach initiated email to check how training is progressing

  • 8 week programme: $320 / $40 per week 

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of Exponential Performance Coaching.
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Many coaching services, design a training programme and that is the last you hear from them. At Exponential Performance Coaching the programme is just the start of the training process. The best way to maximise the results from your hard work is to work closely with your coach so you stay on the right track.


Exponential Performance Coaching provides training support to athletes by allowing them unlimited contact with their coach to ask any questions about their training and racing. Along with this regular monitoring of the training process is done through analysis of HR, power and GPS data via Training Peaks, regular self assessment, physiological performance testing, regular phone, email and/or face to face coach contact.


The beauty of modern technology means that effective monitoring of athletes training can occur no matter where an athlete is located.


I understand that sometimes athletes require special programme options or structure. So if you have any questions about the training process or would like to discuss training programme options please feel free to contact me.


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