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Welcome to the new year.

January is the most important month of training for the Coast to Coast.


It is this month where you can put in the most training volume and build on the solid base you have built over the past months.


The work you do in January is the work that is going to have the biggest impact on your race day performance. 

January Training Video

Race Nutrition 

No matter how hard you have trained, how many carbon bits your bike and kayak has on them you will not perform well on race day if you do not have your nutrition sorted.

Just like you can have a F1 race car, if you do not put the right fuel in it at the right time you will not get very far, let alone race well.


Find out the 'why' behind your race nutrition and learn the scientific principles what you are trying to achieve with your nutrition. This way you can choose foods that will work well for you and make small changes as the race progresses depending on the weather conditions, how you are feeling and performing.


It is not only what you eat during the race that is important. The food that you consume in the days and hours leading up to the race is critical to ensure that your muscle 'fuel' supplies are topped up and ready to roll.  

Caffeine is the world's most proven legal performance enhancing supplement.


It was once on the World Anti Doping Associations prohibited list (because it was so effective at improving performance), now however it has been removed and is legal to use as it is safe and widely available.


Learn how to effectively use caffeine to improve your race day performance. 

Race Planning

The Coast to Coast is a big beast and if you are not physically and mentally prepared, it will eat you up and spit you out! 


Sitting down and planning out every aspect of what you will do in the race is going to help you have a successful day. Everything from what you will wear, eat, think and do. Sit down and write it down and start developing your race plan.


You have worked so hard with your training, spent all this money on gear, so you might as well take a bit of time now to plan out your race to give you the best possible chance of having a good day. 


Download a template HERE to help develop your race plan.


See the video below for a run down of 'Day 1' or the first half of the race.

See the video below for a run down of 'Day 2' or the second half of the race.


Find out the truth about cramp and what you can/ cannot do if it starts to bite on race day.

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