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Upgrade your Multisport Winter Training Plan
with these premium training resources 

Ready, Set, GO: Special Training Report


Paddlers often think there is a difference in starts tactics between a marathon race and a sprint race.


The fact is your start should be the same in the first 10 seconds no matter how long or short your race is.


The goal is always to get away from the start line as fast as possible. 


This Special Training Report shows you how you can tap into your physiology and psychology to maximise your start so you do not get left behind and end up having to play catch-up for the rest of the race. For a more in-depth look at this report click here.


This Special Training Report normally sells by itself for $35

Eat Your Way to The Podium: Endurance Sport Nutrition Guide

There is a mindset among many multisporters of: 'I can eat anything I want because I will just burn it off in training'. While this is true (you will likely burn it off), the reason you need to pay attention to your nutrition is not so you don't 'get fat'.


Nutrition is key for providing your body with the right 'ingredients' it needs to:

  1. Function as a normal human being

  2. Perform the required training

  3. Repair and adapt to the training that you are doing

  4. Maximise your performance on race day


In this ebook you will learn

  • How to plan your day to day nutrition

  • What you need to eat before, during and after training

  • Optimal race day nutrition

  • Hydration strategies

  • Tips to help gastrointestinal problems

  • How to maintain body weight

  • How to lose body fat

  • 24 practical recipes for day to day nutrition

  • Are supplements needed and if so which ones

  • For a more in-depth look click here.


Individually this ebook normally sells for $25

Top Secret - Indoor Cycle Training Files

If you are ready to take your performance up a few levels this winter on the bike then this is for you.

Indoor cycle training is a highly efficient way to train as well as being a safer and often more comfortable alternative to training outdoors during the cold, wet and dark winter months.


The winter phase of your training should be focused on developing your base aerobic endurance. Traditionally this was done via long slow distance training which is not often practical for busy athletes balancing work and family commitments.

The Top Secret Training File includes
  • 10 specific indoor training sessions targeting different aspects of fitness and technique

  • Indoor training tips to help make your training sessions more effective

  • Testing guidelines so you can calculate personalised heart rate training zones for accurate and efficient training

  • Practical tips to help you develop an Iron Mind so you can push harder and race faster

  • For a more in-depth look click here.


Individually this ebook normally sells for $35



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