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'No Sweat' Training Plan

If this is your first attempt at the Motatapu and you want to get your training right first time around or if you have lined up at the Motatapu before and are looking for a ‘SMARTER’ training approach then this training plan is for you.


Your training plan is periodised so you start with a 4 week base strength endurance phase. This is then followed by a 5 week speed phase working on your anaerobic threshold, before tapering your training leading into race day.  

Your training plan is designed so you load your body with training stress (longer and harder training sessions) during LOAD weeks while during your RECOVERY weeks your training stress will be reduced so your body is able to recover and adapt to the training you did in your LOAD weeks.


The weekly training duration in this plan varies from 5 – 8 hours 15 min during your LOAD weeks and 3 – 6 hours 15 min during your RECOVERY weeks.








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