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FREE Nutrition E-Handbook


Nutrition is critical for peak endurance performance. An athlete can train as hard as they like but if they are not putting in the right fuels at the right time then all of this training can count for nothing!


“All too often I see athletes come ‘undone’ during races due to poor nutrition. Because of this I have put together this 4 page E-Handbook containing easy to read and apply notes on the fundamental training and racing nutrition principle specifically for the Contact Epic."

Included in this FREE E-Handbook

  • 4 basics of daily nutrition to support health and function

  •  What to eat before training to insure you are well fuelled

  • What to eat during training so you get the most out of your training sessions

  • How to maximise your recovery nutrition through nutrient selection and timing

  • 3 step race day nutrition basics so you start the race fuelled up and provide your body with adequate fuel and fluid throughout the race

  • Homemade sport drink recipe

  • Race day nutrition summary table to make your planning easy

  • This FREE Nutrition E-Handbook will be available for download once you purchase your training plan



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