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Well spring is here (well almost, depending on when you are reading this) which hopefully means that the worst of the winter weather is behind us and it is more conducive to clocking up some good quality base training.


As with August, your training focus over September should be on the development of your general base skills and endurance before getting into more specific Coast to Coast training in October.


This should be achieved through consistent training sessions at a steady intensity along with specific skill and technique sessions.


Do not panic if you see others out training long hours and you do not have lots to spare time to train. It is not important to be training big hours at this time of the year. That will come in the later months. Now is the time to develop your skills, take care of any niggling injuries and gradually build your endurance.


See below for a video overview of this training phase and a video on some key nutrition points for you to focus on. 


BOOKMARK this page so you can refer back to it throughout the month 

We bring this month of training to you completely FREE.

So take advantage of it and start training.


September Training Video 
This month there are 8 training plans to choose from

Read below to see what plan will suit your needs best 


Simply click the 'BUY' option on the training plan that suits your needs.

Use the discount code: sep18 to load that training plan onto your Training Peaks account.


  • Individual BEGINNER: This training plan is for those athletes who are taking on the Coast to Coast for the first time or those who are getting back into the sport after a few years off consistent training. The training load is approx 9.5 - 10 hours per week during the load weeks and 5 hours during the recovery weeks. GET PLAN HERE


  • Individual INTERMEDIATE: This training plan is for those athletes who have completed at the Coast to Coast in recent years and have a moderate level of base fitness. The training load is approximately 10 – 11 hours per week during the load weeks and 6 hours during the recovery weeks. GET PLAN HERE


  • Individual ADVANCED: This training plan is for those athletes who are competing in the 1-day race or are looking to have a breakthrough performance in the 2-day race. It is expected that these athletes have a good level of base fitness. The training load is approximately 11 – 12.5 hours per week during the load weeks and 6 hours during the recovery weeks. GET PLAN HERE


  • All of the above training plans include running, cycling, kayaking and gym based training for skills, technique and base endurance.


  • Team RUNNER and KAYAKER Plans: These training plans are for those beginner and intermediate athletes competing in the team race. The training loads are approximately 8-9 hours per week during the load weeks and 2.5 hours during the recovery weeks. GET KAYAK PLAN HERE or RUN PLAN HERE


  • THREE PERSON TEAMS plans: These training plans are for those beginner and intermediate athletes competing in the 3 person team race. The training loads are approximately 5-7 hours per week during the load weeks and 2-3 hours during the recovery weeks. GET KAYAK PLAN HERE or GET RUN PLAN HERE or GET CYCLING PLAN HERE


  • Mnt run Plan: If you are competing in the Mnt run use THIS PLAN

September Nutrition Video 

5 Key Steps for Day to Day Nutrition

1) Cut the crap

2) Choose fresh whole foods

3) Pack your lunch

4) Eat more in the morning

5) Treat your body like a high performance engine

Alternative Kayak Training Methods


It can sometimes be hard to get out on the water in your kayak due to the weather or daylight hours.

In this video, Matty provides some substitutions that provide good cross-training benefits for kayak fitness development.

But remember there is NO perfect substitution for developing your technique and skills out in the boat.



Want to know more about dry land kayak training?

Check out the compressive PADDLE STRONG E-book and E-Plans specifically for kayaking that was used by 2014 and 2015 World Multisport Champion Jess Simson if you would like to integrate more strength training into your training plan.



































Training with Heart Rate

Most athletes who own a heart rate monitor do not maximise the potential of it and it takes on the roll of an overpriced wrist watch.


The two videos below are from a seminar that was presented by Matty as part of the Exponential Performance Coaching ‘The Harder you Think, the Faster You Go’ seminar series.

It is quite in depth, so set some time aside, sit down with your pen and paper to take some notes on how to get the most out of your heart rate monitor.

Come with us, don't get left behind

There are limited spaces in the Coast to Coast Online Training System so make sure you sign up now so you do not miss out. 


If you were to get these 6.5 months of training plans and information from Matty through one on one coaching and consulting the cost would be in excess of $2000.


However, through this exclusive training system you can gain access all of this for only $65 per month.


So for six and a half months of training, August through to the Coast to Coast in February the total cost would be $422.


So you can get your training off to a good start and make the most of this training system, I want to give you the first 2 months (August and September) completely FREE with no obligation to sign up and continue following this time.


The cost of the training system then becomes




I first met Matty in January 2013, at one of his Speights Coast to Coast training camps.  I was blown away by Matty’s extensive knowledge of the race, multisport, nutrition & how one could better themselves as an endurance athlete.  That camp became my crash course in learning about the Coast to Coast – not long prior to which I thought it was like some sort of triathlon based out of Queenstown – and was a key contributor to my Two Day record breaking success.  


In May 2013 I jumped on board the Exponential Performance Coaching train & never looked back.  I came to Matty with two goals.  One being to win the Speights Coast to Coast Longest Day, the other being to get on New Zealand’s best adventure racing team. 


I knew to achieve these goals I was going to have to commit 1 million percent and what I liked about Matty is that he took my goals as seriously as I did – he gave me a comprehensive program that took into account my current abilities & weaknesses, a gym program to combat my forever niggly knees, and nutrition advice that I have since incorporated into my daily living.


As a coach Matty is next level.  He understands that when someone commits to a goal or entering an event in advance, that they are committing themselves to a new style of life and to a certain vulnerability to the outcome of that goal or event.  The journey to that goal or event outcome brings challenges both mental & physical, and it is one I believe Matty genuinely wants to share with you, providing you the tools you need to get it done.


Both of my goals were realized early in 2014, where I won the Longest Day & became a member of Team NZ Adventure, which I believe to be not only be one of New Zealand’s best staged adventure racing teams, but one of the Worlds best.   I know none of this would have been possible without Matty’s support, of which I am very grateful.  


I believe no matter what your goals are - to finish an event, to win an event, break a record or to just undertake a new healthy lifestyle - having a coach like Matty in your life will ensure you make the most of it.



Jess Simson, 2015 & 14 World Multisport Champion (Speights Coast to Coast Longest Day), Two Day Speights Coast to Coast Record holder, member of Team NZ Adventure & much much more.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things with the help of Exponential Performance Coaching.
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