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Coast to Coast nutrition plan review

The Coast to Coast is a tough race that requires a solid nutrition plan so you get through in one piece.

In the following video we review the following nutrition plan that a viewer sent in and talk about ways that it can be improved.

Coast 2 Coast nutrition 2016, longest day

Hi Matty, below is my nutrition consumption ( I’m happy to share it with anyone) for longest day C2C 2016, how many calories is this and was it too much or too little, (I planned to take all this it wasn’t a guess, had assistance from HAMMER supplier, then added a bit to be sure)

I had used all these products regularly in training but most of my long workouts were 5.30 max mountain / river runs x 5, 3 hour paddles ( heaps of those), there was one 11 hour leg day but that was because we got lost in the Ruahine ranges and nutrition was good that day……had terrible stomach cramps on the final ride into town, got off bike 3 times because I didn’t know if it was going to be a number 2 or a fart !!!....have you heard of other people having trouble… any solutions??,

I’m guessing your familiar with HAMMER products… was a 16.45 hour day for me.

Cheers Jason

Breakfast: 2 x Bananas , 4.30 am

1 can creamed rice

First bike: 1 X bottle HEED (1 scoop)

1 hammer gel

Transition : 1x can creamed rice

Run : 6 x scoops Perpetuum

10 x electrolyte capsules

1 x pack Shot BLOKS

1 x hammer gel, latte

Pee’d once during run

3 x hand fulls of water at every river crossing

Feeling tired in last hour

Transition : 1 x can creamed rice

15 k bike : 1 x Hammer gel, had terrible leg cramps on 15 k bike

1 k run to boat: 1x Gu gel …( from a spectator, ..I needed it)

Transition : 1 x can creamed rice, Some cramp stop, from spectator……..bad cramping in the legs (cramp stop didn’t work)

Paddle :3 litres water , with 5 scoops HEED, 6 x scoops Perpetuem

Cramping for 1st hour in the boat, felt stronger as paddle progressed

Transition : 1 x banana …..knew I needed to eat but just didn’t know what I felt like ,

6 x electrolyte capsules ! ! !

Last Bike : 1/2 x bottle flat coke ( no cramp on the final bike just bloody tired)

Stomach pains riding, couldn’t stay on tri bars, arms very tired so alternated from aero to up on the hoods (less cramped-up for the stomach but harder on the arms) , got off bike 3 times wasn’t sure if I needed a number 2 or just wind, was wind thankfully.

Pee’d once while on bike

Finish : burger immediately after (very nice) 10.46 pm, Mc Donalds fries and Angus burger on way home. 11.30 pm. Shower and bed just after mid-night

….still drinking often, 3 days after race, pee still not clear !!!!

To watch all videos in this series check out the Youtube playlist here.

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