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Old School Coast to Coast Sponsor

Over the past 6 months, I have been working with a film company to try to find funding to create a documentary about the 1983 Coast to Coast and how the race and sport has evolved over the years.

From the humble beginnings of a race for a few of the hardest 'mountain men and woman' to becoming a globe icon in the world of endurance sport that has had a fair reaching impact on many around the globe.

The layers of influence that the Coast to Coast has had are immense.

  • From bringing the fringe sport of Multisport into the spot light

  • Creating a 'life-style' for thousands of people as they pursued their own multisport goals

  • Catalysing an industry of kayak innovation in NZ that lead to specialty multisport kayaks

  • Creating a need for other endurance events

  • Expanding the multisport, outdoor and bike retail markets

  • Endurance coaching services for recreational athletes which was previously unheard of but are now common place.

I really wanted to capture this amazing history in a way that does it justice and document it for the years to come. Unfortunately, our work to secure funding from some big film funders and mainstream media was unsuccessful, even though we had a lot of encouraging feedback about the project.

So while the film project is being scaled back I am still really passionate to push forward with the Old School Coast to Coast project and get to the start line and race with 100% authentic Old School 1983 clothing, equipment and nutrition while documenting as much of it as possible along the way.

I am hoping to get some amazing sponsors on board to help with this projects costs as well as a gear sponsor who can provide some of their new high tech outdoor gear to trial and test against the gear of 40 years ago. How much better is this new gear? How much more comfortable and functional is it? What are the differences in blister count and chafe factor? Lets find out in some head to head comparisons.

So if you know a company that would be keen to jump on board as a naming sponsor or a gear sponsor then please reach out or pass on my details to them.

Naming Sponsor: Cash sponsor to cover the race entry fee cost. Be the primary sponsor of the Old School Vintage Coast to Coast.

Gear sponsor: Provide gear to be used in comparison tests to 40+ year old gear videos and social media posts. Examples of potential gear comparisons: running shoes, running clothing, back packs, waterproof jackets and pants, new tech woolen base layers.

Sponsor benefits:

  • Align your company with an authentic project aimed at celebrating kiwi pioneers that had a can do, get it done attitude and who were not afraid of pushing the limits.

  • It is anticipated there will be significant media coverage of this 'unique' approach to the Coast to Coast on the 40th Anniversary of the event. Your company will be promoted where ever possible.

  • This will be highlighted with media releases provided to print media and working with the Kathmandu Coast to Coast media team to capitalise on potential media opportunities and public displays in the led up to the event.

I will be doing regular YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Podcasts and blog posts in the lead up to and following the event in which sponsors will feature.

These will include;

  • Training videos

  • Gear reviews and comparisons

  • Interviews

  • Race day coverage.

Depending on the sponsor and their needs, bespoke sponsorship work can also be arranged.

Feel free to get in touch.




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