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Do you pay any attention to your recovery?

Now I am not talking about thinking if you are tired or not from training or if you should get some extra sleep. I am talking about are you doing things on a daily basis to make sure you are recovering and adapting the best you can to the training you are doing.

If you are like most athletes you will focus hard on your training. You probably monitor your training, measure your progress and spend time analysing your training sessions. When it comes to your recovery what do you do?

Recovery is truly the other and often forgotten part of the performance equation and without it your performance gains will be limited.

If you just 'let your recovery take care of itself' following training then you are not getting the most out of yourself and your training.

While the Performance Temple provides a complete performance template that will take your performance to a new level, all of the information contained in it can be a bit overwhelming for some people. Everything I do in life, I try and work on the philosophy of getting the biggest possible change or result with the smallest amount of effort (minimum effective effort). In other words, getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Now do not get me wrong it is not about cutting corners or being lazy. It's still about getting the best possible result. Think of it as maximising your effort so you can put it into other areas of your life as well. Why put in extra work if it does not increase your results?

When it comes to the Performance Temple most of the people I have worked with can get the biggest bang for their buck by working on their recovery.

One of the biggest factors effecting your recovery is your nutrition. Check out the video below for some key points to think about following your key hard sessions.

Chocolate Milk ticks a lot of boxes when it comes to recovery. Find out why below.

In the Performance Temple Recovery Handbook learn how you can get significant performance gains, not by training harder but by doing the same training and nailing a couple of the key most important aspects of your recovery.

At only $7 this is literally the biggest bang for your buck that you can put into your training today and start getting faster for THE SAME effort as you are putting into your training now.

Do not miss out

Learn how you can

- Get better benefits from your time spent asleep

- Refine your recovery nutrition to maximise your gains

- How can you easily monitor your recovery

- and are your compression garments decreasing your performance?

or save $10 and get the full set of the Performance Temple Pillar Handbooks

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