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Fox Wing Review

As I stood there in the driving West Coast rain trying to prop up a trap on the back of my vehicle, I thought there must be a better and easier way of setting up this transition.

Then before I knew it the team was in off the rafts and it was all hands to the pumps to get them ready to head out on their bikes.

In all the excitement we dropped the trap (along with all the water that it had collected) and all the gear we were trying so hard to keep dry was now soaked!

Why am I not surprised that I have not been asked back to support crew again :)

This all happened in 2014 at the Spring Challenge adventure race and little did I know one of the other support crew members was about to introduce me to a game changer.

Over some post race drinks the talked turned to how terrible my trap set up was and how I should try the Rhino Rack Fox Wing. Doing a bit of research on the Fox Wing I was intrigued by this fan type awning and my mind started to wonder with the adventures that could be had with this thing.

The only concern I has was that the Fox Wing might not be compatible with my already loaded Thule roof rack system, however once it arrived I was able to fit it with ease and avoid the cost of having replace my entire roof rack system for the new edition.

Once summer rolled around and we had a few close to home trips under the belt, it was time to head off on a road trip around the South Island to put the Fox Wing through its paces.

Over this time the Fox Wing proved to be brilliant at providing shelter from the rain as well as providing much needed shade during some very hot weather while on the road.

Because it takes literally less than a minute to set up and take down it means that you can use it even for short stops or for unpacking gear during wet weather. People watched in amazment as we quickly unfolded the Fox Wing and set up for lunch in our locaton of choice.

The Fox Wing is perfect for those who enjoy extreme back country 4wd trips or even the more tame family car camping trips or picnics.

Most importantly for me it is going to be ideal for this year's Spring Challenge if it rains again and I am hoping that it will be my ticket back onto the support crew team.

If you want to know more about the Fox Wing or to get a roof rack system set up for your next adventure get in touch with the team at Methven Panel and Paint.

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