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Best of the Worst

We all know fast foods are not good for us and its consumption should be minimised.

However, there are those times when you are on the road or short of time and all that is available is a pie or a burger. In these cases what is the best thing to order?

Below EPC nutrition consultant Nicole Walker gives you an outline of the 'best' fast food options for you to choose when there is no other option.


The foods below are compared in their own category according to fat, saturated fat, sugar and energy. I would ultimately recommend the alternative homemade option in all cases.

Although I understand most people like to enjoy takeaways and there is no harm in getting takeaways occasionally for active people in a healthy weight range and medical profile. However I would recommend choosing a sensible portion size, drinks and accompaniments to the meal.


Some Facts:

For most comparable burgers e.g. Crispy chicken and Big Mac vs. Whopper burger McDonalds burgers have less fat, saturated fat and energy than Burger King.

Drinks on the menu at fast food outlets such as milkshakes are high in energy and fat and soft drinks are very high in sugar. Diet drinks have minimal sugar and very little energy so are a better choice than non-diet soft drink however water is ultimately the best option.

Nicole Walker

EPC Nutrition Consultant

Exponential Performance
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