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Spring Challenge

Exponential Performance Coaching is excited to be working with 3 newbie adventure racing mums in their preparation for the Spring Challenge.

Dunedin Physio Kelly Olsen, Swimming Instructor Aleah Ford and Operations Manager Lily Graham (The better half of coach Matty Graham) are excited to take on the Spring Challenge Adventure Race and the training that goes along with it. All three of these ladies are first time mums with ~16 month old girls so it goes without saying that they have their hands full.

With limited adventure racing back ground and an extended break from regular training, the challenge for these ladies is balancing their busy work and family lives while improving their fitness and skills to where they can successfully complete the Spring Challenge 3 hour race AND having a LOT of fun and gossip along the way.

So where to start?

The team is in their base phase of training really working on getting into a regular routine, get moving and start developing their skills and general fitness. After this training phase around the start of August the team will be progressing on to the Exponential Performance Coaching Spring Challenge Training Plan for the 3 hour race to work more specifically on their training.

Mountain biking is the biggest challenge for all team members as two of them do not own a bike let alone have ridden one for a while. So this is their key first step. Get a bike and get rolling.

Trekking is a bit easier to fit in with the young kids. The team has been spotted in a buggy convoy walking around the streets of Port Charmers and St Clair. The back pack has also been loaded for some hill and stair sessions.

Raft training is taking the form of a regular pilates class run by Kelly as part of her physio practice along with some home based strength training and ZUMBA classes.

Over the coming months we hope to provide updates on how the team's training is progressing and how they are shaping up for the big day.


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