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Winter Indoor Training

The weather in Dunedin over the last few weeks have been shocking and I have been spending quite a lot of time on the wind trainer.

Indoor cycling sessions.jpg

After the Contact Epic I took almost 3 weeks completely off to really work on rehabing my knee which still had some niggly bursitis from my crash during the Great Southern Brevet. I am planning on racing a brutal 100 mile MTB race in Durango Colorado in late July so I need to find some fitness fast.

I have been flat tack coaching and being a part time stay at home dad lately so fitting in my training has been a real challenge. I typically get up early 4 - 5 am and start work before doing the morning routine. Over the summer I had no problem training at this time of the morning but now its winter it is often frosty and the bitter cold is not the most conducive conditions for effective training.


While my daughter Elsie is having her first nap I sneak in some work before play time late morning/ early afternoon. During her second nap in the late afternoon I have been jumping on the wind trainer for a time efficient session to make the most of the 45 min - 90 min she is sleeping.

Over this time the house is the warmest as the fire has been going all day (I will be heading over to summer so some heat acclimation is key) and with the baby monitor in view I pump out a quality time efficient session before the little monster wakes up!

Here is my typical wind trainer set up these days


While I am going to be heading to the warmth of an American summer for a few weeks I know many of you are not and will be clocking up a few sessions on the indoor trainer to work on your winter base fitness. To help you get the most out of the winter training check out the Top Secret Indoor Training File that I have compiled over the years based on the latest research plus the results of tried and tested sessions I have used with 100s of athletes.

There are going to be some annoyed people with me as these are some of the same sessions used by top level elite athletes. So check it out now as I am not sure how long I will be able to keep it up.

Do not miss out.


Exponential Performance
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